My favorite Apps & Tools

Updated: September 2019
My favorite Apps & Tools

⚡ People working in the IT are only as powerful as the tools they use for their job. I love to learn from others and improve my own workflow. This page serves as a living document of the things I use every day.


  • PHPStorm: The number 1 development IDE I use every day. It makes me a better developer. I use Material Theme UI and Dank Mono. There's also a screenshot of my setup.
  • Chrome: Favorite web browser, integrates nicely as I'm mostly hosted on Google architecture.
  • Things: Great TODO application for Mac and iOS. It's the only GTD software I'm able to stick with.
  • Telegram: In many ways a better chat application than WhatsApp.
  • iTerm 2: Terminal replacement app for Mac OS X. Also using Dank Mono with the Tomorrow Night theme. Screenshot.
  • Oh-My-ZSH: Framework for making your ZSH shell awesome.
  • Pure Prompt: Pretty, minimal and fast ZSH prompt
  • zsh-autosuggestions: Fish-like autosuggestions for ZSH.
  • zsh-syntax-highlighting: Fish shell like syntax highlighting for ZSH.
  • autojump: A cd command that learns - easily navigate directories from the command line
  • TweetBot: The best Twitter client for Mac OS X.
  • Spotify: If I'm awake, there's playing music.
  • Amphetamine: Little tool for Mac OS X to keep your mac awake.
  • Dropshare: Tool for taking screenshots and automatically hosting them on a platform of your choice.
  • Viscosity: Nice OpenVPN client for Mac OS X.
  • 1Password: I have over thousand passwords in 1Password and it's still fast, good looking and going strong.
  • Unsplash Wallpapers: Nice wallpapers, refreshed every day


  • Apple MacBook Pro: 15-inch, 2015, 2,8 GHz i7, 16 GB RAM. I seriously dislike where Apple is going with their USB-C and Touchbar stuff. Recently bought this 2015 generation and could not be happier.
  • Apple iPad Pro: 11-inch display, Apple Pencil and Apple Keyboard Case. This is great for gaming, watching movies and taking notes during meetings.
  • Apple AirPods: I use these awesome little devices for calling hands free without the messy wires. I also use them while running.
  • Apple iPhone X: Coming from an iPhone 7 I took the plunge for this awesome phone. I'm still hesitant about whether I like FaceID but the huge amount of screen and lack of buttons is really great.
  • Apple Watch Series 4: Before this I owned a Fitbit Charge HR 2, this watch reminds me about being active, provides useful information at all times and looks a lot better too.
  • Apple Magic Keyboard: Tiny keyboard that types amazingly. Big plus is that it fits in my bag to go.
  • Logitech MX Master 2S: A big mouse with multiple useful buttons. Ergonomically designed.
  • Yubikey 4: USB-A keychain device for U2F security. I'm also using this with OpenPGP as smartcard to safely store my SSH keys.
  • Roost Laptop Stand: One of the worst things you can do for your posture is working on a laptop. This laptop stand elevates my laptop to a proper height. It's lightweight and also fits in my bag.


  • Docker: I create specific containerized infrastructure per-client using Docker(-compose).
  • Gitea: Nice and lightweight Git service hosted on my Synology NAS using Docker.
  • Miniflux: RSS reader, self-hosted on my Synology NAS using Docker.
  • Moneybird: Invoicing software for entrepreneurs. Dutch made!