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Do you want to hire me or just want to know what technical skill set I have? You can download my Curriculum Vitae (NL) here. ​ Here is a selection of the most noteworthy clients I have had the pleasure to collaborate with. Feel free to browse to my LinkedIn for additional information. ​

  • MijnOverheid 1 — Senior Symfony developer, focus on high availability, testing and API usage. PHP Symfony2 Behat REST SOAP
  • Medimo 2 — Full-stack developer, implementing LSP (working with certificates, security & API’s), refactoring code to PHP 7.1 with Laravel 5.4 (coming from 4.2). PHP Electronisch Patienten Dossier (NL) React Native Gulp ECMAScript 6 Laravel 5
  • UWV 3 — werk.nl UX HTML CSS WCAG2 Government
  • SBS Broadcasting 2 — sbs6.nl, net5.nl, veronicatv.nl, kijk.nl, nlziet.kijk.nl PHP Symfony2 Video Streaming HTML CSS JavaScript Grunt
  • Nike 3PHP
  • Kieskeurig 2 — kieskeurig.nl HTML CSS Responsive Design Foundation 4 SASS
  • Sanoma Media 2 — JavaScript framework for the Cookie Compliance Law, enforced on all Sanoma titles (NL).
  • Terberg Leasing 4 — leasen.nl, justlease.nl, terbergleasing.nl WordPress Plugins & Themes PHP
  • Betaalvereniging / Currence B.V. 4 — Creator of iDeal, a Dutch payment platform WordPress Plugins & Themes PHP
  • Kwaliteitsinstituut Nederlandse Gemeenten (KING) 3 Drupal WCAG2 Webservices Government PHP
  • Enterprise Service Bus (EBS) -like application for interconnecting web services between (Dutch) hotel franchises (booking.com, fletcher) PHP SOAP XML

    Open Source

    In the spare time, I have left I try to contribute to the open source community. Have a look at my GitHub profile for more information. ​ https://github.com/Jorijn

  1. commissioned by Ordina 

  2. commissioned by Lajos B.V.  2 3 4

  3. commissioned by eBrella  2 3

  4. commissioned by Clearsite  2