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🔥 Front-end Developer

I can change designs into maintainable, proper and stable HTML code. I use preprocessors like SASS/LESS. I can work in larger teams or take the lead on your next project with additional UX knowledge.

Of course — if it has added value — I’ll go crazy using modern day technologies such as ReactJS 1, VueJS 2 and Webpack 3.

🔥 Back-end Developer

With PHP or NodeJS as my language of choice, I can help you advising and completing your next application. My belief is that code should be maintainable, testable and adhere framework conventions. If done correctly other developers that support these standards can collaborate with, or pick up after me.

Though I specialize in custom development, I do create, maintain and alter WordPress plugins and themes.

Topics I care and know about

PHP Laravel Zend Framework MySQL MariaDB ExpressJS Performance Testing

Visit my Curriculum Vitae (NL) for more.

More about

Interim Teamplayer

If you are positioned in The Netherlands, you could hire me to consult and develop on your location. I work solo as well as in a team. Using tools as JIRA or ActiveCollab I document my progress with SCRUM or KANBAN systems.

What I don’t do

Please don’t contact me about working for equity or participating on your payroll.

  1. React — A JavaScript library for building user interfaces — https://facebook.github.io/react/ 

  2. Vue.js — The Progressive JavaScript Framework — https://vuejs.org/ 

  3. Webpack — Module Bundler — https://webpack.js.org/