You could hire me to create a simple WordPress-based website for you, but that wouldn't be any fun, would it? The area where I'm at my best is where the standard boilerplate work ends and where clients start asking, "What if..?"

I dare you to think outside of the box, get a little crazy, and start fantasizing about what your business needs next to stand out and make a difference.

Web Developer

For almost a decade, I've been working on software that lives on the web. I value high-performance and secure applications and will do my very best to create software that is easy to maintain, adheres to the latest security standards, and perform swiftly. All this while guiding you and your team in what matters: qualitative, reusable, and testable code while properly using industry design patterns.

DevOps Engineer

By practicing a skill that combines software development and operations, I aim to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high-quality software. My choice method is packaging the software in a small transportable unit and deploying it into container orchestration software like Kubernetes. Kubernetes allows horizontally scaling the application when resources are needed most and saves cost when resources become available again.

Interim team person

If your business is located in The Netherlands, hire me to work on-site in your team. Any other country? No problem, I have a fully functional home office where I can join your team remotely. Using tools like JIRA or ActiveCollab, I document my progress with SCRUM or KANBAN systems.

Recruiter? Download my CV (CV).